What'll It Be Tonight is a game made for Game Design I's assignment, narrative game. We as a group of three were given a poem, "Into The Fog". We decided that we wanted to use the poem's small acts of kindness as inspiration and make an empathy-centric game.


A bartender's pouring drinks for others is an act that is warm in a way that does not disturb people. We thought about the therapy where people are asked to write down or speak out loud their own burdens and feel relieved just because of that. Our game is the combination between those two, base on the game Apples to Apples. It aims to create a curing experience for all players through a sharing atmosphere. Every burden is anonymous yet through the mechanic of the bartender and shuffling of cards, each burden is empathized with by at least three people.


Oct 2018, Tabletop Game, Group of Three, Position: Game Designer, Graphic Designer


Examples of Conversation Cards:


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