An Interactive Story

The game is inspired by a documentary about a vending machine. Vending machines never talk yet they stand silently, listening to stories that people fail to tell other. They witness their customers' tears, laughs, happiness and despair.

The story is about a new commercial complex going to be built. The construction will affect the lives of five related people. Players buy things from the vending machine and decide whether they give them to the characters or use it in other places in the game. Every choice will affect the story.

The game tries to prove that people could ultimately understand each other: between characters as well as between players and characters.

Demo Download

October 2017, Game, Individual Work, Position: Game Designer, Writer, Artist, Programmer.

Game Play

Each clickable item shines when mouse is on them, implying the players that they can be triggered.

Players can check their money and iterms owned at anytime. Details of the items are shown here too.

Click left mouse button to check on things and use 'A' and 'D' to move left and right.

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