Travel Around Britain

Travel Around Britain is an educational card game introducing players with the geography of the Britain. It was made for class British Culture & Society by a group of three people with me being the leader and game designer. Players walks around Britain in the game and play cards of their own. The final winning goal is to gain 5 points as quickly as possible. In each players turn, he/she draws 2 cards, moves 1 step and plays no more than one card from each category: Weather, Photos and Others. Photo cards represents the famous visiting sites of Britain and can only be played when player is standing at the place written on the cards. They count as victory points and remain on board in front of each player. Weather cards provide special effect that can benefit or do bad to all players until changed while cards in the Others category effect a single player and are instant.


March 2014, Card Game, Group Work of Three, Position: Team Leader, Game Designer.

The cards and the map can be downloaded here

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