A multiplayer game that brings players and players’ phones together. 

Nov 2018, Mobile Game Concept Documentation, Position: Graphic Designer, Game Designer


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SnakeSnakeS is a multiplayer party game with simple core mechanics and controls. The concept is to get players together and achieve goals by cooperation instead of competition.


With the inspiration of the classic arcade game Snake, SnakeSnakeS allows players to control the direction of a snake in his/her own screen. The snake moves in the map and gets longer by eating fruits and dies if it bumps into trees, rivers, its own body or the edge of the map. Players connect their phones’ screens to build the map, enabling the snake to move from one screen to another. Thus, the layout of the map, which influences the range of the snake’s movement, is customized by players. When the snake goes to the next screen, control is switched too.


  • Screens connected

    The innovation of SnakeSnakeS is the idea to connect screens and generate unique maps. This concept is supposed to be implemented based on Wifi or Bluetooth connection. When two screens connected to the same Wifi, players could swipe between them to get them connected.


  • Unlimited number of players
    The unlimited number of connections via Wifi and Bluetooth technology enables SnakeSnakes to be a multiplayer game, meeting the need of a party game, which allows many players to join one game at the same time.


  • Accessible
    As the game’s title suggests, the core mechanics of SnakeSnakeS come from the classic arcade game Snake. Snake is featured with a well-known and simple gameplay pattern, therefore it would be easy for new players to understand the basic mechanic and background of SnakeSnakeS
    just by the interface. As a party game, it is important to get the target players (families and friends) involved in a short time.

Precedents and Variants


The basic elements of Snake are simplified directional control, items-picking and collisions. The most well-known Snake game is probably a single-player game on mobile, however, there are also many multiplayer Snake-ish games in history.


● Blockade (1976) on arcade

  • Developed and published by Gremlin, Blockade is a two-player game featuring Snake's basic mechanics, including using four directional buttons to turn. Each player moves their character around, leaving a solid line behind them, and tries to avoid colliding into walls and the lines.


●  Snake III (2005) on Nokia

  • Snake III on Nokia phones changes the 2D game into 3D, depicting both the snake and the world more vividly. The game also supports multiplayer modes through Bluetooth.


●  Slither.io (2016) on iOS/Android/web browser

  • Slither.io includes hundreds of snakes moving at the same time using a large online map. If the player's worm's head collides into any part of another worm, his/her worm dies. The objective of this game is to be the longest worm in the server.


It is clearly seen that in the history of multiplayer Snake-ish games, players are always competing with each other. They are asked to control a snake on their own and everyone is opposed to everyone else. The objective is to be the longest survivor. However, the concept of SnakeSnakeS is to make all players control one snake altogether so that players should cooperate.

Game Design

  • The Snake

The avatar of the players, starting with a length of 3 grids. The snake keeps moving straightforward at a constant speed, for example, 1 grid every half-second. In Survival Mode, the number of stripes on the snake’s body indicates how many times it remains to turn.

The snake dies when it bumps into trees, rivers, its own body or when it reaches the boundary of the map which is not connected to any other maps.


  • Fruits: Cherry & Lemon

The fruits are distributed randomly on the map. The snake gets 1 grid longer after eating a cherry or a lemon. Cherry changes the snake to turn clockwise and lemon changes the snake to turn counter-clockwise.


  • Trees

The dark green area that kills the snake if the snake rushes into it.

  • Rivers & Bridges

Rivers are depicted by the color of blue. The snake dies if it runs into a river. All rivers are endless and always reaches out of the screen.​ Bridges allow snakes to pass the river at a specific location.

  • Ground Base

The green area for the snake to move safely.

Invisible grids are built on the ground, serving as basic units for the whole map layout.

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