A Song For You


A Song For You is an experimental game played between 6-12 friends. The game lasts for a few days, asking you to share songs with your friends in your daily life. Hopefully, the game will help you to have a better understanding of both your friends and yourself - with the help of songs.

Players first anonymously pick songs they think represent other players' personalities, in the meanwhile also receiving songs from other players. Each day, songs are shared from the owner to other players that he or she thinks may possibly be the one who chose that song for him or her. Each successful matching adds a new song to the shared playlist. Together with everyone’s effort, players as a group will create a meaningful playlist as the witness of understanding and caring and love for each other.



  • Materials

    • A computer

    • One mobile phone with Spotify installed for each player



  • Menu (click to jump to)

    • Phase 1: Theme Songs

    • Phase 2: Daily Routines

    • Phase 3: Ending Party

    • Comments






Phase 1: Theme songs


Setting up Spotify 

  • Every player in this game is going to use the same public Spotify account. So make sure everyone has Spotify installed on his/her phone or computer. Follow all the rules below.


  • Log into Spotify using a computer. The account address is mycalendula@gmail.com and the initial password is 777777. If you're not the first group playing this game, it is likely that the password has already been changed. Check the comments at the bottom of this page to see the latest password. Log into the public account using the email address and the latest password.

    • Note: There can only be one group of friends playing this game at one time. So if there is already a group of people playing, you should wait until they finish and post their password here.


  • Your first step as a group is deciding a new password for the account and change the password. Leave a comment saying that your group is playing the game so that other people know, in case they also want to play the game.




  • Create one playlist as the shared playlist. 

    • Now everyone can log into the public Spotify account using the password. One person creates a playlist for the group. Give it a name so it represents your group. It could be any name, as long as everyone in the group all agree with it.

  • Assign each one of you with a number randomly, starting from 1. (For example, if there are six players, the numbers should be 1-6). Create playlists for everyone with the name “number + name”. You can choose a nickname or use your real name, but make sure that other players can recognize you through the name.

Picking Songs for Your Friends

  • Each one of you now confirm whom you are going to pick songs for, using the chart provided here. Inverse the numbers using a mouse so that the white numbers can be seen. Only check the information according to your own number.







  • Everyone now opens Spotify on his/her phone and confirms the person that s/he picks songs for. For example, if you are playing with six people, and according to the chart below your number is 1, 2 and 3,  you should pick songs on Spotify for the three players whose name has the prefix 1, 2 and 3 collectively. 


  • Pick theme songs

    • Pick one song for each player that you are assigned to in the process above. The song you pick represents them the most according to your understanding for them.

    • Sign in to the public Spotify account. Add the songs you picked to their playlists. You are not allowed to check other players’ playlists except your own.

    • Remember to clear recent searches after adding songs, so that others won't see the songs you are choosing.



Phase 2: Daily Routines


  • Sharing songs

    • Every day, you can pick a song in your own playlist and share it with a player whom you think is the most possible player that chose this song for you. You two should listen to the song together in some way. (We recommend you to share headphones if possible!) Note: you can now log out of the shared Spotify account, listening to songs with whatever application you like.

    • You can share no more than 4 times per day. You can share the same song with different people or share different songs with one person, as long as you think they might be the person who chose that song for you.

    • At the end of the day, you log into the public account and check if there are songs in your playlist being added to the shared playlist. If so, you delete these songs from your playlist.


  • Listening to songs others share with you

    • You listen to the song that the other players want to share with you because they think you chose this song for them.

    • After the song ends, you should not tell them if their guess is correct or not directly. If they guess right, you add this song to the shared playlist before the end of the day (12:00).​​​​​​​​​



  • For example, in the diagram below, the black player has three songs that three of the four colorful players picked for her. The first day, she shares two songs with the orange player and the purple player separately. Because the orange match is correct, the orange player adds that song to the shared playlist in Spotify. The black player deletes that orange song the next day because she sees it in the shared playlist. In the next day, she can now share her other two songs with other players.

  • The game ends in the next morning when the number of songs in the shared playlist reaches half of the total songs, which equals:

    • (The Number of players * The Number of songs in each player’s own playlist at the beginning of phase 2) / 2

    • For example if there are 8 players, phase two ends when there are 8 * 4 / 2 = 16 songs in the shared playlist.


Phase 3: Ending Party


  • Good job for all these days brilliant guessing! Now it’s time for you and your friends to gather together and share your experience among the group. It can be anywhere at any time after the end of phase 2. You can go for a dinner, hang out or just simply find a park to sit and talk. Suit yourself!


  • In the ending party, the group will do the following things:

    • Start from player number 1, each player plays the songs that are still in their playlist.

    • During the play, everyone can join the guessing. When the songs end and the answer is revealed, players add the song to the shared playlist and delete this song from their own playlist. And all player-playlists, which should now all be empty, should be deleted by each player.

    • After finishing the playing, in the Spotify account remains only the shared playlist with all the songs in this game. Now its time to share it with everyone! Everyone can share his or her feelings of the game, or ask questions figuring our who did choose which song for whom. You can also play the game with several different groups to see how this game ends differently.
















  • Finally, go back to this website and comment your password at the bottom of the page, so other groups can now play the game using your password.


  • Now that you no longer have the access to the Spotify account, your group playlist remains. The songs you chose and the song you listened to will also be listened by future players of the game. Hope you enjoy!


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