HOTPOT is a physics game made for Game Studio I, where players carry dishes in a plate and deliver them into the hotpots. We designed an application on mobile phones as controllers, using the phone's gyroscope. Players hold their phones as if holding plates. Characters move around riding a segway, which is also controlled by the players. The phone and the computer running the game need to be connected to the same WiFi. 


Dec 2018, Group of Two, Position: Game Designer, Programmer, UI Designer

I wanted to create a game that is unconventional and fun for two players to play. I was also interested in the behaviour of play, for example, people sometimes shake heads and yell and move their body unconsciously. 


Moreover, most digital games are designed to be abstract, using buttons to represent certain actions in the game. Yet we find giving players the opportunity to physically do the actions their characters do in the game can be reversely interesting. Thus, in order to create the dynamics between players, we came up with the idea of using players' phones to represent the 'plate' in the game.

Turning Right =

Swipe up the left wheel &

Swipe down the right wheel

Turning Left =

Swipe up the right wheel &

Swipe down the left wheel

In accordance with the way players control their plates, we added segways into the game. Maintaining the balance of the plate is relevant to the way the characters move and segways seem to be the best solution for both the player's experience and the narrative, as it gives players more control over the way they can move.


The gameplay is super fun as it is not easy to keep the vegetables or meat stable in the plate once a player starts moving. Players also bump into each other or tables. After playing for a well, the restaurant's floor ends up being covered by dishes that the players dropped.

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