• Nov 2018, Group work of two, Game Designer, Graphic Designer

  • A design documentation for an innovative multiplayer mobile game based on the traditional Snake game on Nokia.



Stand By Me:

  • Nov 2018, Group work of four, Game Designer.

  • A physical game that needs to be conducted in a subway station using Bluetooth headphones. Players need to stand on the different side of subway stations and have their Bluetooth headphones connected to the person across the platform.


What'll It Be Tonight:

  • Oct 2018, Group work of three, Game Designer, Graphic Designer.

  • A tabletop game including alcohol. Players first write down their own burdens on cards and then use those cards to play an apple-to-apple-ish game. 


A Song For You:

  • Dec 2018, Group work of two, Game Designer.

  • A music game based on Stand By Me that can be played by 5-12 players. Players anonymously pick a song on Spotify that they think represent another player in the game. Everyone needs to guess who picked what song for her during the next seven days. The game has no winner but is rather to create a memorable experience for players. 




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