The New East Gate of

Tsinghua University

With the building of Tsinghua University Art Museum, the East Gate became an important public entrance of the university. The design aims to reshape the surrounding area with new road planning and afforestation planning. An underground student center is designed to fit the needs of students from the department of arts and architecture, providing a cafeteria and places for activities held by students' groups.

January 2017, Landscape Design, Group Work of Four, Position: Architect.

1|Site Research

On the north of the site stands Tsinghua University Art Museum, a public building opens to citizens. The present site serves as the only available open-air parking lot for buses in the campus.

On the east of the site stands a holiday inn and an office building.

On the north of the site stands the department building of the School of Art. A present greenland with a sculpture exhibition on it should be considered to be kept.

The main building stands on the east of the site as the connection between two axes in the plan of the university.

Outside the east gate of Tsinghua University, motor cars are the majority on roads and often lead the traffic into chaos.

Functions of the Present Buildings

Current Vacant Land

Current Greenland

Car Flow

Public Transport

2|Road Plan

A station is planned to be added on subway line 13 near the New East Gate. G7 Highway is also planned to extend to the North 4th Ring.

Reshaping the road outside campus for pedestrians and bikes.

An underground interchange for the subway line 13 and line 15 would leave the space on ground clean and tidy.

In the new plan, Road Heqing is designed to pass through the campus underground.


4|Final Plan

5|Rainwater Garden

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